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GCX engages traders in Kaneshie Market

Date : 21st Feb, 2019

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GCX Engages Maize Traders at Kaneshie Market

A team from GCX, on Tuesday February 20th, 2019, embarked on a market outreach to interact with the Kaneshie Maize Sellers Association at the Kaneshie Market.The GCX team was welcomed by the traders who were appreciative of the efforts of the Exchange in visiting the market and interacting with them.


A presentation was made on various aspects of the Exchange’s operations, the core mandates of the Exchange, the standards by which commodities such as maize are graded and the benefits these maize traders could derive from trading with GCX.


A question and answer session was held after the presentation where the Kaneshie maize traders expressed concern about the value of trading with Ghana Commodity Exchange and the impact the operations of the Exchange would have on their trading activities. They also questioned how the Exchange would affect pricing of their commodities. The GCX team addressed these concerns and allayed their fears, since GCX does not set prices but only provides a platform for buyers and sellers of commodities to interact.


The team also assured the traders that trading with GCX would prove beneficial to them and add value to their trade.

At the end of the visit, the Office and Special Projects Manager thanked the market women for their warm reception and their level of engagement and participation in the presentation which made it interactive. She assured the market women that GCX would take their concerns to heart and would conduct further interactive sessions with them.