Rights & Obligations | Ghana Commodity Exchange

All successful GCX members will undergo initial training on Exchange product and services, rules and regulation and trading through the Exchange.

  • 1. Membership Requirement
    • 1.1 An applicant shall submit this application form along with the following documents, (duly attested by the applicant), which are a part of the membership criteria:
      1. Certified copy of Company / Cooperative Registration Certificate
      2. Certified copy of Companies Regulations
      3. Board Resolution on appointing authorized signatories
      4. Education qualification certificates of authorized signatories, certified by a Notary public officer
      5. Proof of experience of the authorized signatories in the form of CVs
      6. Address, communication details of the authorized signatories (National ID card/ Passport copy, telephone, cell, and email.)
      7. Bank account details and a current Bank Statement displaying the past 6 months
      8. Copy of tax clearance certificate / VAT registration certificate
      9. Two latest passport size colored photographs for authorized person(s)
      10. Current police report of the authorized signatories
      11. Latest Auditors Report; and
      12. Any other document, as may be specified by the Exchange.
    • 1.2 An applicant shall submit a processing fee as specified herein the application form. In the case that this processing fee is not paid, GCX reserves the right to reject this Membership Application.
      1. GCX reserves the right to accept or reject any Membership Application, or amend the Terms and Conditions without assigning any reason whatsoever.
      2. Membership shall be subject to renewal every two-years on GCX applicable rate.
    • 2.1.1 A business organization, Corporation, or Cooperative, may only be admitted to membership if it:
      1. Has been recognised as a market intermediary by the SEC
      2. Is duly incorporated under the Laws of Ghana or the country in which it is registered
      3. Complies with the capital adequacy norms as may be prescribed by the Exchange, from time to time
      4. Complies with the membership registration requirements as may be prescribed by the Exchange from time to time
      5. Provides a valid Tax Identification Number and Tax Clearance. If it is VAT registered, then it must also provide a VAT registration certificate
      6. Pays Membership fees, charges, deposits and other related payments specified by the Exchange
      7. Has produced an audited financial statement from an authorized auditor certifying the minimum requirement for net worth according to the class of Membership; and
      8. Submits a copy of the memorandum and articles of association.
    • 2.1.2 An organization seeking membership in the Exchange may only be admitted to membership if the purpose for which the organization is established allows it to carry on business in commodities or to clear and settle transactions or contracts in commodities.
    • 2.1.3 If there is any change in the shareholding of a member of the Exchange which is not acceptable to the Exchange, the Exchange may take such action as it may deem appropriate, including expelling the organization from membership in the Exchange.
    • 2.2.1 An applicant for Membership in the Exchange shall submit an application to the Exchange, providing all necessary information and documents as requested by the Exchange, together with any admission fee as determined by the Exchange. The admission fee paid by the Member shall be non-refundable.
    • 2.2.2 The application shall include an undertaking, signed by a duly authorized officer of the applicant, in a form specified by the Exchange, that the organization applying for Membership agrees to be bound by these Rules and regulations and directives issued by the Exchange.
    • 2.2.3 The Exchange shall consider the application and may call for any further information it considers necessary.
    • 2.2.4 If an application for Membership is rejected, the Exchange will provide reasoning for its decision to reject the application within a period of fifteen (15) working days from the day that all the required application materials were received. The applicant may appeal the decision to the Board within a period of fourteen (14) working days of receiving the Exchange’s reasoning for denial of membership. The Board shall decide at its next general or specially constituted meeting, by majority vote, whether the applicant is qualified for Membership. The decision of the Board shall be final.
    • 2.2.5 In determining whether to approve an application, the Exchange shall be entitled to consider the business integrity, financial soundness and standard of training and experience of the company’s managers and directors, partners, officers and employees, and such other matters as the Exchange regards as relevant.
    • 2.2.6 The Exchange shall be entitled to investigate issues related to the financial and managerial integrity of applicants for membership through on-site visits, interviews, document authentication, and other measures necessary to verify the information provided in the application.
    • 2.2.7 An applicant may, during the admission process, appear personally before the Board or any Committee thereof, for an interview or test administered by the Exchange as may be prescribed.
    • 3.4.1 Membership shall entitle a Member to certain rights and privileges, subject to these Rules and the other regulations as applicable from time to time.
    • 3.4.2 Membership of the Exchange shall entitle a Member to access to organized commodity trading.
    • 3.4.3 Membership of the Exchange shall entitle a Member to some access to data disseminated by the Exchange.
    • 3.4.4 A Member may be invited to events hosted by the Exchange.
    • 3.4.5 A Member shall have a right to advertise as an Exchange-accredited organization.
    • 3.4.6 A Member shall be entitled to use the Ghana Commodity Exchange logo upon approval by the Exchange.
    • 3.5.1 The Exchange may expel a Member if such Member has, in its application for Membership or during the course of the inquiry made by the Exchange pursuant to the application:
      1. Made any wilful misrepresentation
      2. Suppressed or concealed any material information required of the applicant with regard to financial position, including financial liabilities, character and antecedents; or
      3. Has directly or indirectly given false information or made a false declaration.
    • 2.5.1 When a new Member of the Exchange is registered, the Exchange shall send verification of the registration to the Member.
    • 2.5.2 Upon payment of any required fees and completion of other registration requirements as may be prescribed by these Rules, the Exchange shall issue a Certificate of Membership, membership number and ID Card under the common seal of the Exchange to the newly registered Member.
    • 2.5.3 If a Certificate or ID card is lost, destroyed, defaced or damaged, the Exchange may issue a new Certificate or ID card under the condition that the damaged certificate or ID card is returned to the Exchange, or proof of the destruction or loss of the original certificate or ID card is presented to the Exchange. The Exchange may require the Member to pay a replacement fee before the issue of any such duplicate certificate or ID card is given out.
    • 2.5.4 When a Member of the Exchange is admitted and a Certificate of Membership, membership number and ID card are issued, notice of the Member’s admission shall be published on the notice board of the Exchange or by way of another system as determined by the Exchange.
    • 2.6.1 The Exchange shall maintain a register and index of Members. In the register, the Exchange shall collect and record information about the style, constitution and other specified information about the Members for the use of the Exchange. All details provided by the Members of the Exchange shall be stored appropriately and confidentially in electronic form and in hard copies.
    • i. A Member shall promptly notify the Exchange in writing about any change in the registered information within fourteen (14) working days provided by the Member of the Exchange at the time of admission or at a later stage. In the event that a Member fails to do make the required changes, the Exchange shall charge the Member a penalty or take further disciplinary action as may be required.
    • 2.7.1 With prior consultation and approval of the Authority; or as directed by the Authority for non-compliance or violation of the rules or the Law, the Exchange may terminate membership if any of the following circumstances occurs:
      1. Dissolution of the Member company;
      2. Expulsion of the Member in accordance with these Rules;
      3. Resignation by the Member in writing
      4. The Member is declared in default in accordance with these Rules; or
      5. Becoming ineligible for Membership under these Rules.
    • 2.8.1 A Member of the Exchange shall be declared in default by the Exchange if the monies, commodities, securities and bank guarantees deposited by the Member with the Exchange are not adequate to discharge the Member’s obligations and liabilities. A Member of the Exchange shall also be declared in default upon the occurrence of any of the following:
      1. The Member is unable to fulfil its engagements or obligations;
      2. If an instruction issued by the Exchange for debiting the Member’s account towards settlement of a trade fails because of insufficient funds in its designated bank account;
      3. If a Member fails to pay damages or the money difference due on a closing out effected against him under these Rules
      4. If a Member fails to pay any sum due to the Clearing House or fails to deliver to the Clearing House any commodity or instrument when it is due
      5. If a Member fails to pay or deliver money, commodities or instruments arising out of an award given by an Arbitrator under the Arbitration proceedings provided for in these Rules;
      6. If a Member fails to pay or deliver money, commodities or instruments arising out of a transaction executed on the Exchange, provided the obligation is not disputed by a trading member or client
      7. If a Member fails to pay a subscription, or any other levy as required by the Exchange for a continuous period of thirty (30) working days.
    • 2.8.2 In case a Member does not clear its liability on the Exchange and the amount of the liability exceeds the amount of other assets it has available with the Exchange, then the Exchange may declare the person in default until the Member clears its liabilities.
    • 2.8.3 When a Member is declared in default, the Exchange shall publish a notice of default on the Exchange website.
    • 2.8.4 Once a Member is declared in default, the Member shall cease to be a Member of the Exchange.
    • 2.9.1 With prior consultation and approval of the SEC, the Exchange may suspend a Member of the Exchange in lieu of the expulsion, or may remove Membership rights or impose a fine in lieu of suspension or expulsion. The Exchange may subject the Member to any other alternative penalty on fair and equitable terms and conditions.
    • 2.9.2 With prior consultation and approval of the SEC, the Exchange may of its own motion or on appeal by a Member of the Exchange concerned in the matter, reconsider and rescind, revoke or modify a decision withdrawing any Membership rights, or fining, censuring, warning, or suspending any Member of the Exchange.
    • 2.9.3 Provided that any expulsion, suspension or other penalty is imposed in accordance with the directions of the authority issued in exercise of any powers conferred on them by Law, the Exchange shall not exercise the power to rescind, revoke or modify the same, except with the previous sanction of the authority that made the original decision.
    • 2.10.1 The suspension of a Member of the Exchange shall have the following consequences:
      1. The suspended Member of the Exchange shall, during the term of its suspension, be deprived of all rights and excluded from all privileges of Membership of the Exchange;
      2. During a suspension, a Member may be proceeded against by the Exchange or another relevant authority for any offence committed either before or after the suspension;
      3. A suspension shall not affect the rights of the Exchange or other Members of the Exchange who are creditors of the suspended Member of the Exchange;
      4. A suspended Member is bound to fulfil contracts outstanding at the time of its suspension; and
      5. A suspended Member shall not, during the term of its suspension, clear or register any contracts at the Exchange, although it may, with the permission of the Exchange, close transactions outstanding at the time of its suspension through other Members of the Exchange.
    • The expulsion of a Member of the Exchange shall have the following consequences:
      1. An expelled Member shall forfeit to the Exchange its rights and privileges as a Member of the Exchange, including any right to use or claim upon any interest in property or funds with the Exchange;
      2. Any liability to the Exchange of an expelled Member shall continue and remain unaffected by the expulsion;
      3. The expulsion shall not affect the rights of the Exchange or Members of the Exchange who are creditors of the expelled Member; and
      4. The expelled Member shall be bound to fulfil transactions outstanding at the time of its expulsion and may, with the permission of the Exchange or the relevant authority, close outstanding transactions with or through other Members of the Exchange.
    • 2.12.1 A Member shall be bound by the Code of Conduct, and any violation of the Code of Conduct gives rise to a right of suspension or expulsion. In compliance with the Code of Conduct, a Member agrees to:
      1. Ensure that its authorized representatives comply with these Rules and other regulations of the Exchange;
      2. Notify the Exchange immediately upon becoming aware that it or its authorized representatives have breached a provision of these Rules or any other regulations or law relating to the Exchange;
      3. Notify the Exchange immediately upon becoming aware that a regulatory body is investigating or instituting proceedings against it;
      4. Cooperate with the Exchange or persons appointed by the Exchange in allowing the Exchange to carry out inspection of records concerning the Member‘s trading and financial position, whether on its own account or on behalf of its clients;
      5. Comply with requests of a Settlement Bank to inspect its records, when the request is made in coordination with the Exchange;
      6. Authorize the Exchange to provide information requested by the SEC relating to the operations of the Exchange or a Member, and outstanding obligations held by a Member.
      7. Give access to the SEC or the Exchange to enter its offices upon request for the purposes of supervision and monitoring compliance with these Rules or any other Rules issued by the Exchange or the Authority.
      8. Not assign any mortgage, pledge, hypothecate, or charge its rights and privileges of Membership.
    • 3.14.1 Every Member of the Exchange shall promote, to the best of its ability, the objects and interests of the Exchange and to protect and safeguard the interests of its Clients.
    • 3.14.2 A Member shall be liable to expulsion, suspension or to payment of a fine for a violation of Rules.
    • 3.14.3 A Member shall furnish to all potential and current clients a risk disclosure statement or other statement as prescribed by the Exchange. This statement shall contain a disclosure of the risks related to trading.
    • 3.14.4 A Member shall require all clients to read and sign the risk disclosure or other required statement before agreeing to participate in trading.
    • 3.14.5 A Member is responsible for knowing the contents of all Rules, notices, circulars, orders and instructions issued by the Exchange, and shall also provide all relevant information to clients before executing any order on behalf of the client.
    • 3.14.6 A Member shall not encourage, abet, or allow a client to evade any financial or non-financial compliance requirement with respect to trading on the Exchange.
    • 3.14.7 A Member shall provide to its clients written disclosure of information pertinent to trade as specified and required by the Exchange.
    • 3.14.8 A Member shall explain the role of the Clearing House of the Exchange and the scope and benefits of the same to its clients.
    • 3.15.1 The Exchange may expel, suspend, or levy a fine on a Member when the Member commits any of the following acts or omissions:
      1. Refusal to abide by an award: neglecting or refusing to submit to, abide by or carry out any award, decision or order of an arbitrator, the Exchange or the SEC, made in conformity with these Rules;
      2. Unbecoming conduct: acting in a manner detrimental to the interests of the Exchange;
      3. Misconduct: conducting disreputable or fraudulent transactions with any person, whether a Member or not;
      4. Disobedience: violating, disobeying or disregarding any Law, regulation, order, ordinance or notification issued by the Authority in respect of trading in commodities;
      5. Misinformation: publishing or permitting to be published in a newspaper, circular, or otherwise, any misrepresentation relating to the trade in any commodities that is intended to mislead Members of the Exchange or the public;
      6. Indifference and wilful negligence: failing to comply with any notice or request made by or on behalf of the Exchange or the Authority requiring a Member to attend any meeting of the Board or management, or a request to produce any books, documents, correspondence or other papers in its possession, power or control, or for refusing or neglecting to answer a request from the Exchange or the Authority;
      7. Failure to pay dues: failing to pay an amount due under these Rules, other regulations, or an arbitration award or under any other order of the Exchange or the Authority within ten (10) days after the amount is due;
      8. Action detrimental to the Exchange: misconduct in dealings or relations with the Exchange;
      9. Wilful or intentional non–fulfilment of contractual obligations: fraudulent or flagrant breach of contract, or frivolous repudiation of a contractual obligation;
      10. Ex parte communication with an arbitrator: communicating secretly or indirectly with any arbitrator to whom a dispute has been referred under these Rules;
      11. Wilful subversion: any conduct, act or omission knowingly carried out to subvert the objects and purposes of the Exchange or these Rules, the Business Rules of the Exchange or other relevant regulations;
      12. Unauthorized disclosure: disclosure of one client’s open position to other clients or Members;
      13. Harming the reputation of the Exchange: any action which, in the opinion of the Board brings the Exchange into disrepute.
    • 3.15.2 If the Exchange finds sufficient reason to investigate a suspected act or omission by a Member that would rendering the Member liable to expulsion, suspension or payment of a fine, the Exchange shall give written notice to the Member to appear before the Exchange for a disciplinary hearing at a specified time.
    • 3.15.3 At a disciplinary hearing, the Exchange shall hear and examine evidence or statements of the Member and any witnesses present on its behalf. The Exchange may also require the Member to produce for inspection books, documents, correspondence or papers in its possession or under its control.
    • 3.15.4 The disciplinary measures shall be administered in the following manner:
      1. Whenever the Exchange finds that a Member is liable to expulsion, the Exchange may expel the Member permanently and exclude it from all rights of Membership, except the right to arbitrate matters entered into or arising prior to the expulsion. The Member shall have a right to appeal the decision of expulsion to the Authority.
      2. Whenever the Exchange finds that a Member is liable to suspension or payment of a fine, the Exchange may suspend the Member from all rights of Membership, except the right to arbitrate matters entered into or arising prior to the suspension. Any such decision of the Exchange shall a right of appeal to the Authority
      3. In addition to suspension or in lieu thereof, the Exchange may, at its discretion, fine a Member up to maximum amount of 50% of Membership fees.
    • 3.15.5 If a Member is suspended, expelled or declared in default, no other Member of the Exchange shall do business for or on behalf of the Member.
    • 3.15.1 A Member shall maintain accounting records for a period of not less than ten (10) years that meet the following standards:
      1. Accurately record and explain the transactions and financial position of that Member; and
      2. Enable the Exchange to easily ascertain the Member’s compliance with these Rules.
    • 3.15.2 A Member shall maintain records in a form and at a location that will enable the Exchange or any other authorized body to conveniently and properly audit them.
    • 4.1 A Member shall trade in contracts only as approved by the SEC and the Exchange Board of Directors.
    • 4.2 Members shall be required to sign a written agreement with a client to trade a contract on behalf of a client.
    • 4.3 All transactions in contracts permitted by the Board of Directors shall be cleared, registered and settled by the Exchange, and shall be subject to these Rules.
    • 4.4 In respect of contracts executed by Members, the Member shall be responsible to pay all applicable fees, taxes and duties.
    • 4.5 Only contracts for commodities that are authorized to be traded on the Exchange will be recognized as valid in and by the Exchange, provided the Member has enough money in its Pay-in Account to cover the transaction.
    • 4.6 Trading unit, tick size, and daily position limit for a contract authorized for trading in the Exchange shall be quoted in accordance with standards specified for that contract and shall be the grade of the commodity for that contract.
    • 4.7 The Exchange shall set minimum and maximum position limits for contracts relating to each commodity class traded per day or other set period. All position limit changes require the approval of the Board.
    • 4.8 A transaction in contracts for commodities shall be for delivery at one or more delivery warehouses approved by the Exchange.
    • 4.9 The Board shall have the right to determine, specify and modify the terms and manner of delivery of a commodity resulting from a transaction in contracts in the commodity class.
    • 4.10 The Board may modify the quantity, packaging, place of delivery, discounts, premiums related to quality and delivery warehouses, tender period, certification and quotation for bids and offers.
    • 4.11 Members shall only enter into contracts that the Authority and the Board of Directors has approved, and under terms and conditions approved by the Exchange.

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Name Industry Member Type Phone No.
Abagdem  Donatus  Assibi Doe - Jindem Ent Associates 050 370 3090
Frederick    Ababio M310 Enterprise Associates 0244721580
Jacob  Kwadwo  Danso Ntankoro Nhyira N.B.C.F A. Lbg Associates 024 142 6196
Asha    Dumbura Naalia Zongo Women Group Associates 0203456765
Francis    Mensah Sifisi Women Group (Fbo) Associates 0244333692
Irene    Dickson Gid Jay Ventures Trading 0245143992
George  Duah  Boachie MC Geo Com Ltd Associates 0208131565
Victoria    Owereko Mivark Ent Associates 0272334536
Alhassan    Alhassan Mohammed ICT Commodities Associates 0245317986
Francis  Jnr Elikem  Zodanu Agrofram Com. Ltd Associates 0555717949
Solomon    Addo Vimaxvi Com.Ltd Associates 0245660979
Tushar    Jalan Banyan Trade Africa Ltd Trading 0561111802
Salifu    Abdallah SY Royal Ent Associates 0244422205
Kofi  Djebi  Nimo Koo Nimo Farms Associates 0209925697
Edem  Komla  Aklaku LASOREX ENTERPRISE Associates 0248330942 / 0559621278
N/A  N/A  N/A Associates N/A
Shaul    Hamtzani FLOUR MILLS OF GHANA LTD Trading 0244835387
William    Ahaidormey CROP CARE LTD. Trading 0543630702
Dominic    Donkoh OMNIFERT LTD Trading 0244329848/ 0248339521
Hannan  Abdul  Wahab NATIONAL FOOD AND BUFFER STOCK COMPANY Institutional Members 0244150691
Sylvester  Kwame  Osei WIENCO GHANA LTD Institutional Members 0246244148/ 0302772251
Thomas  W  Bello SOYA VALUE CHAIN ASSOCIATION OF GHANA (SVCAG) Associates 0244410049
Kwame    Asiedu KUMAWU FARMERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0555348294
Davies    Korboe NFFAWAG Associates 0244942494
Stella  Wayem  Glover MORKEMOUWONOR ASSOCIATION Associates 0243578893
Frederick    Adomako WENCHI MAIZE TRADERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0242847272
Joseph    Boadi ATEBUBU MAIZE FARMERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0246935649
Owusu    Alhassan YONKODO ASSOCIATION Associates 0504358416
Assumah    Issahaku BONSALI FARMERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0249418873
Faustina    Amoah MIAWANI ASSOCIATION Associates 0203047278
Grace    Ibrahim COOPERATIVE UNITED FARMERS Associates 0244749884
Joseph    Asiamah ENSO NYAMEYE MAIZE ASSOCIATION Associates 0543658322
Sarina    Adam ENSO NYAME YE Associates 0545452196
Jacob  Owusu  Acheampong NYAME NE BOAFO FBO Associates 0209491560
Mary    Alamisi AMOAMANG ZONGO FARMERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0249376479
Mahmud    Abass KUAPAYE FARMERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0241469555
Peter    Okrah SOUTHERN MAIZE TRADERS NETWORK (S.M.T.N) Associates 0248267991/ 0245605610
Bernard    Kanati ASHAIMAN IRRIGATION FARMERS CO.OPERATIVE Associates 0249472642
Lydia    Abbey GREATER ACCRA MAIZE SELLERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0244065794
Obiri    Yeboah JOY MAIZE AND TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION Associates 0245605610
Titus  Frederick  Lutterodt OYARIFA LIVESTOCK FARMERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0244285075
Victoria    Adongo PEASANT FARMERS ASSOC. OF GHANA Associates 0244657451
Sala    Inusah NMOAKPAUR FARMERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0551481096
John  Kwesi  Essel E-DAME ENTERPRISE Associates 0242919365
Thomas  W  Bello GOLDEN WEB LTD Associates 0244410049
Issah  Abdul  Hakeem GW LEGACY FARMS Associates 0242054006
Richard  Asante  Bediako ECONOMIC SUPPLIES LTD. Associates 0242078444
Francis    Oppong AKATE FARMS TRADING CO.LTD Associates 0208124719 / 0322070501
Osei  Kwame  Amoateng OSEI KWAME AMOATENG Associates 0244570299
Christian  B'hairs  Dayibor SMART TOWN COMPANY LTD Associates 0208941623
Mubarak    Seidu ANTIKA COMPANY LTD. Associates 0209719953
Mohammed  Iddrisu  Hassan ELITE OMEGA COMPANY LTD Associates 0205 347047/ 0243140393
Fred  Ntow  Oppong OHINTAAR ENT Associates 0200644242
Emmanuel    Ansah PAN-AFRICAN BUSINESS DEVELOPERS LTD Institutional Members 0507237821
Michael    Anokye NEW LIFE CASSAVA AND MAIZE FARMERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0547501001
Abdulai    Kyeremeh TECHIMAN MAIZE SELLERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0266415874
Evelyn    Boateng LYNBOAT FARMS Associates 0277158521
Betty    Abaare ZEBANGO ROYAL FARMS Trading 0209657371
Nicholas    Newmann ECONOMIC SUPPLIES LTD Associates 0247538155
Kofi    Amoateng OSEI KWAME AMOATENG Associates 0240836302
Yvonne    Otoo FLOUR MILLS OF GHANA LTD Trading 0243038318
Johnson    Kyere KWAJOHNSON & SONS LTD Associates 0271126781/0247150580
Florence    Ocran JUDAHSON FARMS Trading 0244978741
Abena  Setornam  Addey ABISET PLUS ENTERPRISE Associates 0247654919
Tureka    Chandrashekar SHREYAL LTD Associates 0542859408
Abdulai    Abdul-Rafiu SAVANNAH FARMERS MARKETING COMPANY LTD. Associates 0208140352
James    Bakaponi FARANAYA AGRI BUSINESS CENTRE Associates 0204842941/0558816695
Abubakar    Mahmoud TRADE BENCH Associates 0244680624
Isaac    Darkwah ISAAC DARKWAH ENT Trading 0244545620
Robert    Cudjoe PAPSCOMEX LTD. Trading 0572944246
Samuel    Andoh SAMANGE TRADING Associates 0244955505
Hassan    Mohammed ELITE OMEGA COMPANY LTD Associates 0266412081
Abdul    Tawfic BIG AJAR ENT. Associates 0244680068
Seidu    Mubarak ANTIKA COMPANY LTD. Associates 0246199328
Faustina    Amoah HIGH & MIGHTY AGRO PROCESSING COM. LTD Trading 0248731106
David    Yamful YAMFUL FARMS Associates 0249290071
Delali  Kwaku  Asamany HONEYDEW FARMS COM. LTD. Associates 0200052215
Rosemary    Aryee LIFESTYLE FOODS COM. LTD. Associates 0249419444
Iddrisu    Mac-Adams MACLOG ENT. Associates 0546509058
Elvis    Dankwa TEDFX INVESTMENTS Trading 0243125526
Alex    Agbodza ASSEC FARMS Trading 0243669689
Jonas    Dorho JON DOR VENTURES Trading 0548110460
Mohammed  Bidder  Tainfiq GABA GHANA LTD. Associates 0245115176
Alberta    Acheampong NMOAKPAUR FARMERS ASSOCIATION Associates 0249772857
Davies    Korboe MANGOCITY COM LTD. Trading 0244942494
Mohammed    Awal M.M. AWAL COM. LTD. Trading 0246268470
Jeff    Quaye OMNIFERT LTD. Trading 0540116659
Name Industry Member Type Phone No.
Name Telephone Email Address
Newcap Partners Ltd 0506601925 info@newcap-partners.com GA-027-6272
Grow For Me 0242561793 nana@growforme.com Accra
Trans Africa Impex Ltd 024 413 6797 davyent@yahoo.com West Legon
Thrive Agric Ltd 054 887 6655 info@thriveagric.com Accra
Ersal Ent 020 770 7054 acolatse@hotmail.com Tamale
Gid Jay Ventures 0245143992 gidjayventures@gmail.com Accra
Ranahi Global Ltd 0503802098 sydney@ranajiglobal.com Tema Comm. H
Safehouse Agribusiness 0548968977 francisokunade@gmail.com Tema
Transafricon Ltd 020 813 1234 jopaitetteh@gmail.com Kintampo
Excel Rochelle Com Ltd 0242041702 hafisahiddrisu@gmail.com Tumu
Temple Investments 0243353277 trading@templeinvest.com Accra
Imexco Ghana Limited 0501627163 jlouis.feghali@gmail.com ANT/ABI ABC Junction, Achimota-Accra
Repston Farms Enterprise 0244649092 niicaulley@yahoo.com HS. No. 32, 3rd Lagoon Drive,  Sakumono-Accra
Savvy Securities Ltd 0266802388 info@savvysecurities.com Asylum Down - Accra
El Giga Farms Ltd(B) 0552260158 sdebre7@gmail.com Madina - Accra
Wecomm Agric – Media Consultancy Ltd 0246993690 rita.effah-darteh@wecommmedia.com Dzorwulu - Accra
Black Star Brokerage 0202222532 naoa@blackstarbrokerage.com.gh Kanda Estates - Accra
Bs Holding Ltd. 0207544468 cooafrica@crudenergy.com Adenta - Accra
Trenil 0244179 451 trade.ghana@trenilglobal.com Tema, Greater Accra Region
Traderex Ltd 0595820245 exchange@traderexgh.com East Legon, Greater Accra
Sarpong Capital 0540122295 sc-securities-accra@sarpongcapital.com East Legon, Greater Accra Region
Sandia Agric Ltd. 0264570537/0502315702 sami@sandiagroup.comv Accra, Greater Accra Region
Obsidian Achernar Securities Limited (Oasl). 0243180374 kobengsika@yahoo.com Dzorwulu, Accra
Nourish Ghana Ltd 0547 910690 jakper1010@gmail.com Bolgatanga
Merite Insurance Brokerage 0558466960/0209823423 k.owusu-okore@merite.com.gh Dansoman, Accra
May & Lotte Int. Ltd. 0244203004 Kuku.amos@gmail.com Tema
Makers Farming Hub Ent. 0549450332 makersfarminghub@gmail.com Accra
Lex Prime Investment Ltd. 0242612310/0244026178 aasibuo@gmail.com Airport-Accra
Kibbutz Pishon 0244 815 594 kpee_gh@aol.com Techiman
Kevi Capital Gh Ltd 0552532801 Kodjo.adovor@aya.yale.edu East Legon, Accra
Kaksfour Com. Ltd. 0247578555 kwasarp@hotmail.com Accra
Juvia Services 0243389174 oliviaamankwah@yahoo.com Accra
Isaac Darkwah 0244 545 620 darkwahisaac73@gmail.com Techiman
Iddec Company Ltd 0242535762 iddecgh@gmail.com Tema
Hiko Ghana Ltd info@hikogroup.com info@hikogroup.com Spintex, Accra
Halifax Asset Management 0268383834 halifaxam19@gmail.com Accra
Global Doyen 0544 884885 0246000064 info@globaldoyen.com Tema
Giftstar Commodities Ltd 0243573825 giftstarcommodities@gmail.com Haatso, Westlands
Giftstar Commodities Ltd 0243573825 giftstarcommodities@gmail.com Haatso, Westlands
Geographic Concepts Ltd. 0205370109 addabor@gmail.com Oyarifa
Faustad Investment 0244 420907 faustadworldinvestment@gmail.com Accra
Dansman Business Consultancy Ltd 0244 420907 subiniman@yahoo.com subiniman@yahoo.com
Daily Basics Ent. 0244 420907 gertrudeasamoah44@gmail.com Kasoa
Bpa Exim Ltd 0244 665 630 info@bpaexim.com Accra
Bhagya Laxmi Ltd. 0266 392998 jignesh99@yahoo.com Tema
Benchim Research 0557 440219 fnpoku@hotmail.com Takoradi
Bafort Company Ltd 02413 19716 bafortghana@gmail.com Kumasi
Ayowa Natural Resources & Agriculture Ltd. 0248 669703 overmarsgh@gmail.com Accra
ALLIED BIOMASS IND. LTD 0542949166 john.adjaye@alliedbiomass.com
East Legon, Accra
Agrocrop Com. Ltd. 0278188259 darlingtondesmond@gmail.com
Agro Labs Ltd 0557 899999 kofi.asiedu@wibbak.com Accra
Agricultural Finance Com. Ltd. 0264367679 / 0574957111 agricfinancegh@gmail.com
Tema, Accra
Kent Afrinal Services Limited 0244102524 kofi.ntiri@icloud.com Haatso, Greater Accra Region
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