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We are Hiring. This is a great opportunity to join the Ghana Commodity Exchange as an IT Officer. Kindly check the flyer below for more details.

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The department is responsible for development and management of the membership structure and membership management strategy of the exchange and overseeing the effectiveness of the membership strategy including managing policy updates such as changes to membership structure, rights and obligations.


The department is responsible for the creation, dissemination of information both internal and external to the GCX, including website, quarterly reports, policy and market briefs, working closely with project management and stakeholders to determine who needs what information when, and developing a communication plan to disseminate the information in the chosen medium. It is further responsible for developing and designing a rollout of communications for the GCX, involving outreach to various levels of stakeholders: farmers, industry, policymakers and regulators, investors, donors, international experts and global researchers.

Market Intelligence (Market & Price Information)

The department is responsible for designing and developing a market information strategy for the efficient and accurate dissemination of Exchange market information including prices of commodities to a broad array of actors and stakeholders as well as the public.


The department is responsible for providing vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology initiatives and to direct the planning and implementation of market data in support of Exchange operations, to create and maintain a technology strategy for the Exchange based on an in-depth understanding of the business processes and information flows in a way that ensures that the business strategy and IT investments are aligned.

Clearing and Settlement

The department is responsible for the planning and day to day management of the GCX Clearing and Settlement operations of the exchange spot market and later, derivatives market and other post-trade services to ensure that payment and title exchange for all the exchange traded commodities and instruments are achieved in a manner that ensures integrity, reliability and fairness in the commodity trading market through its role as a counter party risk manager and guarantor of trade payments.

Trading Operations

The department is responsible for the overall trading system of the exchange including the order management, session management, order reconciliation and back office processes of the exchange to ensure all trading operations are run efficiently and that market integrity is intact.

Risk Management

The department is responsible for monitoring market participants, analyzing speculative and other positions, and examining the relationship between trading activity on the GCX and fundamental factors in the cash market to ensure that there are no price distortions and no market manipulation. The department is also responsible for developing a comprehensive risk management strategy for GCX.

Warehouse Operations

The department is responsible for the overall development of the physical delivery management system including sampling, weighing, grading, inventory management, stock controls, treatment of goods, and overall warehouse operations. It is also responsible for developing Exchange procedures and guidelines with regard to selection and designation of Warehouse Operators, joint liability, performance guarantees and monitoring, indemnity measures, and other matters.

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