Vision & Purpose | Ghana Commodity Exchange

Our Vision

To transform Ghana’s economy by creating prosperity for all in commodity value chains, and become a regional and global trading hub for all commodities.

Our Purpose

To connect markets, connect people, provide opportunities by using the most modern, interactive and appropriate technology that meet the needs of our markets and stakeholders.


  • To provide an efficient and risk free trading solutions that supports spots and forward trading.
  • To build the capacity of our members to enable them use our infrastructure.
  • To establish a fair and transparent price discovery mechanism.
  • To develop trading solutions that support auctions, spots and futures trade.
  • To provide a rigorous surveillance system that protect the integrity of our trade.
  • To develop standards, contracts and dispute mechanism to reduce the risk of our members.
  • To establish a reliable, efficient and guaranteed clearing & settlement system.
FBNBank Ghana Ltd.
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AAN Solutions Ltd
Market Development Programme For Northern Ghana (MADE)
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