News | Ghana Commodity Exchange


Date : 6th Jun, 2019


As part of the GCX market outreach programme which is aimed at broadening the awareness of the Ghana Commodity Exchange; a delegation from the Exchange set out on the 28th of May, 2019 to the Kasoa Market to engage maize traders.

The message of the GCX team was embraced wholeheartedly by the traders, who were appreciative of the fact that the Exchange made the effort to reach out and interact with them.

A series of talks were given by various GCX team members on different aspects of trading with the Ghana Commodity Exchange such as the standards by which commodities such as maize are graded; the process of storing commodities with, and buying commodities from, the Exchange; and the benefits of trading with GCX for these maize traders themselves.

After the presentations were done, a question and answer session was carried out where the Kasoa maize traders expressed their interest in trading with GCX but had some questions about the process of registering to trade with the Exchange and how trading with GCX would affect pricing, as well as the locations of the GCX warehouses. These concerns were addressed when the team explained the process of registering as a member with GCX and also pointed out that the Exchange does not set prices for commodities but merely acts as a platform for buyers and sellers to interact.

At the end of the visit, the Office and Special Projects Manager thanked the market women for their warm reception and their level of engagement and participation in the presentation which made it interactive. She assured the market women that GCX would take their concerns to heart and promised further interactive sessions with them.