Central Depository | Ghana Commodity Exchange

GCX maintains a Central Depository or Registry of warehouse receipts which guarantee product quality and quantity. The Electronic Goods Received Note issued at GCX warehouse is a precondition for issuance of Electronic Warehouse Receipt by the GCX Central Depository. The GCX Central Depository is the sole entity authorized to and responsible for issuing Electronic Warehouse Receipts, transferring legal title, and canceling receipts.

The Electronic Warehouse Receipt issued by the GCX Central Depository represents legal title to the deposited commodity. The Electronic Warehouse Receipt is transferable and negotiable.

The GCX Central Depository maintains separate accounts for every depositor. GCX is planning to implement the use of Electronic Warehouse Receipts for the purposes of securing short term finance from member financial institutions by 2020.

The GCX Central Depository provides the following services:

  • Electronic Warehouse Receipts creation
  • Maintains and edits electronic warehouse receipt data
  • Maintenance of a register of depositors
  • Undertakes settlement of trade
  • Issues Delivery Notices after transfer of warehouse receipts transfers
  • Cancellations of warehouse receipts
  • Daily trade reconciliation